Kansas City School of Ministry

Dream, persue, achieve  

Kansas City School of Ministry is dedicated to raising up the next generation of Church Leaders. Located on the Englewood Campus KCSM is a four year college program dedicated to teaching and training the future Leaders  of the Church. This mission is accomplished through a focus of excellence in four key areas of the church.


We strive for academic excellence. WE help students develop an understanding and knowledge of scripture and biblical principle, while simultaneously teaching them leadership skills needed to succeed in ministry. 

Hands on Ministry

Our students are encouraged to participate in many areas of the church allowing them a hands on experience that will prepare them for real world situations. 

Spiritual Growth

With the help of our staff we provide an atmosphere fpr students to discover and develop     their spiritual gifts and character. Helping them to strive for a closer relationship with God

Relational Groth

Ministry is about relationship! We not only help students to grow in relationship with God, we help them grow in their relationship with other people as well. We strongly encourage     students to build relationships both inside and outside of the school and church, helping them to build friendships that last a lifetime.